Monday, February 23, 2009

Gramma's: Part II

Being back home was incredibly relaxing, although it turns out that I definitely have "mom ears" and keep "mom hours", being that I was unable to sleep in past 7:30ish and was usually conking out no later than 11. My mom got up with Addison every morning, but unfortunately that didn't help me sleep in. These days once I am awake, aka once Addison is awake, it is virtually impossible for me to fall back asleep...unless of course I am hung over, then I can muster up the energy and concentration to do it.
It was quite a treat, however, just to lay in bed and watch TV or read, giggling to myself about the poopy diaper I had just avoided changing. Sunday and Monday are a blur to me ~ I think we just hung around the house eating. I know we went out to Teo's for some hot dogs and a beer. Yum. Oh so yum. Andy left for Lowell Monday night and I plotted my shopping for Tuesday. I love you no-tax-on-clothing-Massachusetts.
Sadly, shopping kinda sucked and here's why: 1) Everything I tried on except a few things looked utterly RIDICULOUS on me and reminded me what a lovely muffin top I have. 2) If Addison was in the store with me she incessantly said Mama over and over in varying pitches and tones. To say it was annoying would be a huge understatement. Thankfully Gramma was more than willing to stroll with her outside.
After shopping we had a fabulous time playing at Auntie Bar-ba-ra's house and then feasted on wonderful slouvaki salads with tons of feta...maybe the feta is contributing to my muffin top???

Wednesday we drove down the turnpike to the Holyoke Children's Museum. We were a little apprehensive that the traveling would be too much for Little Miss Needy, but lucky us, she slept there and back. The museum was a surprising hit, and chock full of kids. Note to self: Don't go to a children's museum during school vacation week.

Addison loved playing in the water activity, on a fake ambulance, with the bubbles and with the blocks. She fearlessly climbed a two story climby-thingy (yep, that's the official name of it) and held her own with the big kids. Well, to be fair, she struggled a bit with the snotbags who almost knocked her down at the water activity, but she regained her composure quickly (I, on the other hand, wanted to knock them on their asses, but my mother wouldn't let me.). We finished off our trip to the museum with a ride on the merry-go-round. She loved every second of it, and when it sped up she looked at me and said "whoooooaaaa" and then giggled.

Thursday was spent playing with Auntie Bar-ba-ra, blowing more bubbles, coloring and losing my cell phone (it was found, yesterday, under my mother's stove and is currently en route to Cincinnati). Thursday also introduced us to sick Addison.

Sick Addison is like me when I am hungry - demanding, cranky, unreasonable, moody and slightly ridiculous. Except when I am hungry no one thinks that I'm still kinda cute. Sick Addison was in full blown mode by Friday and was a real treat to travel home with on Saturday.

Friday Addison got to meet my cousin Jay and his fabulous fiancee Sara. Sadly, Sick Addison was still with us and demanding, cranky, unreasonable, moody and ridiculous barely covered the mood she was in. She was so ridiculous that Jay nicknamed this version of her "Baddison" (which I totally LOVE and am going to use from now on). By the night's end, Andy had arrived, as well as Barb and Phil, so Addie perked up a little and showed some love to Jay and Sara...and then coughed herself to sleep.

Saturday we left for Albany with a very unhappy and downright miserable child. Before getting out of town I stopped at CVS to stock up on children's Tylenol and a bitty bottle of Advil for us. Both were needed by the day's end.

After getting through security, Addie stood on a bench and waved bye to Gramma and gave a little wiggle for extra effect. She then gave Andy and I a run for our money during our flight to Midway...lots of tantrums and screaming. I made no eye contact with any other passengers, it would have been too painful. Of course, as if on cue, she fell asleep for the final 20 minutes of our flight.
We then arrived in Midway and enjoyed an unexpected three hour layover thanks to snow in the Windy City. Man, did Addie and I enjoy all 72 round trips we took on the moving sidewalk. BIG FUN. I got to enjoy all 72 round trips because suddenly Daddy wasn't allowed to touch Addie, ONLY MOMMY. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. get the point.

So while our trip home was wonderful, it also introduced me to a new side of my daughter. One who isn't always a ball sunshine and rainbows. Nope, turns out on occasion she can be quite the little thunderstorm. She can be cranky, irrational, needy, demanding, and relentless. And sometimes all she needs is her Mommy.

Turns out she is more like me than I realized.

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