Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Addison is getting chattier and chattier these days and really wants her voice to be heard. Today while at StrollerFit I was on my second set of 20 throw-downs, which I kind of love and sort of hate, when she decided I wasn't paying quite enough attention to what she was babbling by my side. She decided to just plop down on my tummy and continue her conversation.
I continued to grunt and sweat and wish I was remotely in shape while she sat comfortably on me, bouncing up and down, pointing to my face and saying "noe-se", "eyes", "mouf" oh-so-proudly. I was proud of her, but unable to express that to her, being that I was on the verge of death.

Each day she is trying figure out and use new words, here is what we hear most often (over and over and over):
Ball, Kitty, Mama, Dada, PawPaw, Maaa (Gramma), GG, NO, Go, More, Milk, Please, Bubbles, Balloon, Yellow, Up, Juice, Bye, Belly, Nose, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nemo, Baby, Man, Lady, Car, Shoes, Boots, Down, Bath, Hot, Banana.

She also has a slew of names: Ryry (Rylan), Lee (Elise), Mimmie (Aunt Kimmie), Bra (Uncle Brian), Ni (Aunt Nikki), Na (Genna?), and....this is almost unbelievable....Berr (Berto).
Seriously? Berto? Yep.

The three words that she MOST loves these day, I can't decide if I am dismayed or proud, are: Poo, Toot, Burp. She really loves figuring out whether she just pooed or tooted. It's one of her favorite games.
Such a lady.


Sue said...

Also, are you not going to mention that you changed the design of your site and tell us why? Design is kind of a big deal in my world.

Kate C. said...

You changed the blog!!!

What about "Kate?" I think that would be a good word to reinforce