Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Morning

I took advantage of an awake husband this morning and took a leisurely shower. I blew my hair dry, brushed my teeth and put on make up, all with out having a mini-me at my knees rubbing eyeshadow all over her cheeks. It was lovely and almost relaxing.

Unfortunately I paid for such luxury.

As I headed down the stairs all I could hear was:

"Nuh-no nuh-no nuh-no nuh-no Mama. Mama mama maaamaaa mama, nuh-no."

Then I heard:

"Go to mama. Addison, go to mama. ADD-I-SON. GO."

Which got the response of:

"Mama. Ma MAH. Nuh-no. No. Nuh-no.

I obviously scaled the safety gate with a bit of trepidation. What happened in my 20 minute absence?

I got the answer quickly as I spotted Andy on on his hands and knees scrubbing the family room carpet with a wet towel and spied coffee stains on Addison's pants and socks.

I, apparently in a lapse of mommy judgment, had put my half-full, room-temperature cup of coffee on the kitchen table before heading upstairs. I can only assume that while I was primping and scrubbing the breakfast off my teeth, Andy settled in to watch ESPN and Addison toddled around the house playing with blocks and terrorizing the cat.

I also can only assume that Andy mistook her quietness for her being a well-behaved, self-sufficient 19-month-old who was playing contentedly. In reality, if she's quiet, she's getting into something. In this instance, that something was my coffee cup, which she apparently took off the table and tried to carry to her Daddy.
(If you think about it, it was a sweet gesture. She just wanted her Daddy to enjoy a nice 3 hour old cup of joe.)

Instead of safely delivering her cargo, she slopped it all over herself, the carpet, the couch...All of which resulted, somehow, in NUH-NO MaMA!

As I write this I am enjoying the last drops of that fateful cup of coffee...and my coffee scented baby is down for her nap, but I am wondering how did this incident get narrated by "nuh-no mama" instead of "nuh-no Addie" or "I'm sorry Daddy".

Nuh-no mama, don't drink coffee? Nuh-no mama, don't take a shower? Nuh-no mama, don't yell at me?
Nuh-no mama, WHAT?

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Kathy said...

Nuh-no Mama,I like to keep you on your toes!