Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I could not sleep last night. I tossed and turned for about two hours and then eventually gave up and headed to the couch, where I barely slept. And, just as I predicted, Addison got up nice and early for me this morning.

Around 6:20 I padded up stairs, picked her up and changed her diaper, all the while plotting on how I was going to get her back to bed so I could grab a few more Zs. Obviously she was plotting at the same time, because as soon as I zipped up her pjs, she bounced up and went right over to her bookshelf and started pulling down books and toys to play with. I quickly realized that my plotting had been overruled.

I flipped on her light (which was too bright for that early) and then headed down the hallway to grab my robe and a hair clip. Addison started to follow me, until I turned around and said, "Go play kiddo, I'll be right back." She shrugged her shoulders, nodded her head and then headed back to her room to play, shutting her door behind her. Trust me it crossed my mind to crawl into bed and let her play locked in her room. But I know my daughter, and if I had done that she would have figured out a way to get to the lotions and creams on her changing table and eat them. Aveeno and Aquaphor - yum.
So we played in her room until 7:00 and then headed downstairs for a nice cup of frothy vitamin D milk (for her...hot freaking coffee for me). She took a nap early, and now we are heading out to run errands...Costco, Target, Kroger, all the good things about being a suburban housewife.

This post really has no point, obviously, except to ramble. But I thought I could make at least two guys I know smile with these pictures. Yesterday, after Ry left Addison got very quiet in the kitchen...when she walked into the living room, this is what she looked like:

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Toolio said...

That pic is FANTASTIC! YNWA!