Monday, February 2, 2009

Two at a time

Twice over the past few days Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Dickie provided Addison with a playmate...Rylan. He came to hang out and suck on wooden blocks, and DANG, was it a good time. Seriously.
I am not going to lie...I was a bit apprehensive about having both kiddos for extended periods of time. I didn't know if I had the patience, the organization, the god-given skills to corral and entertain two mini-people. Turns out, I have just enough of each of those to survive.
To be honest, Rylan and Addie downright entertained themselves, and when they got bored with each other they joined forces to terrorize the cat. (In slightly related news, both days served to remind that my furry feline isn't the smartest cat around. She could have escaped the little rascals simply by sitting on the other side of the safety gates, which she only actually did once or twice. Instead, she thought the ottoman was the best place to hang out today. Dumb.)
I was purely entertained by my little buddies today. I am thankful to Rylan who finally took a nap at 2:30, and even thankful to Addison, who did not take a nap, but decided 6:50 was bedtime (yes, I know I will hate that at 5:30 tomorrow when she decides to wake up).

Oh, and just because I stated that I have just enough organization, patience and god-given skills to handle the both babes, don't you think for a MINUTE that there is another baby coming out of me...I'll just borrow Rylan.


kim said...

All i can say is Thank you :) WHAT A ROCK STAR!!!

Mich said...

that last picture of Rylan is awesome. are a brave brave soul.

LMK said...

Glad you cleared that up at the end... I was thinking maybe this opened the door for baby #2!