Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ogres and the toilet

It's no secret that I, on occasion, turn to Mr. Samsung to keep my daughter occupied and happy. Lately, when she wakes up around seven, I pull her into bed with Andy and I, flip on whatever perky Disney show is being aired, and try to eke out 20 more minutes of shut-eye.

No, it's not the best precedent to set, but the few extra minutes of sleep/kiddo cuddles is 100 percent worth it.

This afternoon, after playing and snacking and dancing I decided to treat Addie to The Lion King, which we haven't seen in weeks. Whooops, turns out we haven't seen it because I can't find it. Addie saw the cover to Shrek, forgot about The Lion King and said "Ek? ek? ek?" - which I foolishly put in the DVD player, thinking she was asking to watch it.
I should know better, we tried Shrek once before and when the donkey started to fly my daughter started to freak out.
This time, as soon as Shrek opened the door to his house and stepped out, my brave angel jumped into my lap with huge tears filling her eyes and saying "NO MAMA NO".
Shrek was quickly replaced with Finding Nemo and little lady is now happily snuggled up with her juice and stuffed Nemo watching her favorite fish.

Fish and Lions = Good.
Ogres = Bad.

Lesson learned.

In totally unrelated news, I went to Meijer today and bought a handy dandy 3-in-1 Toilet Training System. I am in no way looking forward potty training. If I could have it my way Addie would wear diapers until kindergarten, in which case it would then be her teacher's problem to teach her this necessary and lovely skill.

Nonetheless, Addie knows what potties are. She knows they are for peepee and poo. She loves to visit you when you are on the potty, and she very much wants to look in the potty before you flush it.

So I thought we'd just do a gentle introduction. She, thus far, loves it. She's sat her bare bum on it (without pottying) and then ran around the house like she just won the lottery. She has been carrying it back and forth between the kitchen and family room and has been perching on it and playing with it.

A few minutes ago she used it to store her juice cup.

So, the conversation has begun.

I told Andy that if I am tackling potty training, the birds-n-bees conversation is all his.

POTTY UPDATE 4/6/2009....21 months old
After I wrote about our new potty yesterday, Addison wanted to sit on it with out her pants (thank you Gramma, I would have never figured that out on my own ...sarcasmsarcasmsarcasm). She plopped her hiney down and, my god, she tinkled. Granted it was a teaspoon of pee, but it was there. And she was proud.
She jumped up off her potty and did a victory lap around around the house, giggling hysterically. And before bed, she tinkled another teaspoon. And this morning, the first thing, she asked for was her potty...
She sat, tapped her toes, drummed her fingers and waited patiently. Nothing happened, but I think we are on our way to some great potty adventures.


Kathy said...

Honey, you gotta take those pants off her! Going to ther potty involves being bare assed!

Kate C. said...

Wow - that's really impressive. I can't wait for her first #2

ck said...

Don't you know? Naked toddlerhood IS like winning the lottery.

To them.

To us, it's like having the winning ticket and knowing you put it in a safe place and then not being able to find it.

Polymer Clay Snails said...

Yea! Congrats on the potty victory ... I had my kid in a day nursery run by nuns and he came home one day fully potty trained ... So, unfortunately, I didn't the pleasure of the victory dance around the house ...