Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach in Review

We are back from the beach...and dang, reality in Ohio is not half as much fun as vacation in Surfside Beach with a MaiTai in my hand.

I am inexcusably tired and considering heading to bed right now. But, as to not be scolded, here's the quick overview:

  • My family is ridiculous and fun. We laughed a lot, ate a lot, sucked up a lot of sun and, perhaps, drank a bit too.
  • Being on vacation with two toddlers is actually a darn good time. The caveat being that the toddlers are in different houses and have their own parents. Don't think for a minute that I brought an extra kiddo with me. Nope, we had my cousin's kiddo Jackson there to keep Addison entertained ~ and they kept all of us entertained.
  • Flying with a tired toddler on your lap, and without anyone else to help, sucks. It is uncomfortable. It is hot. You get covered in peanuts. A cabin full of strangers alternate looking at you with pity and with disdain. Joke's on them though...we saved $200 by shoving her on my lap and when she is screaming I hold her by my deaf ear.
  • According to a 22 month old the pool is a scary and the great, big ocean is awesome
  • Sand rocks. So do seashells, watering cans, stickers, bubbles, Ian, Jeaf and Jackson
  • A day and a half with Gramma isn't enough.
  • My cousin Liz makes a killer mojito.
  • My cousin Ian cheats at drinking games. Yes, you read that right. I am a 30-something mother, my cousins and brother are in the same age bracket, and we decided that Circle of Death and Asshole were necessary games to play. No worries, we cleaned up after our selves and my little human alarm clock didn't let me sleep it off all day.
  • Vacation, as always, was too short.

**Why oh why can't I work captions? Anyway, in order it is: Jackson, Colin, Addie and Ian. Addie and Mommy in the pool.

The Flahertys (minuse a few). Splashing in the surf with Jeaf and Gramma.


JayJohnson said...

Um, I can't believe that it's a coincidence that the one picture that can't be blown up is the one of "Addie and Mom in the pool"... Lame. Miss you guys.

Jessica said...

Yea...If I overly crop a picture it can't be blown up. And I cropped the hell out of that one to hide the thighs;)

Sue said...

I noticed the same thing. But I wanted to zoom in to see -- did you get a sassy new haircut??