Monday, June 1, 2009

Sounds of the Beach

In addition to the crashing of the surf and the squawking of the seagulls, the other constant sound on our beach vacation was an adorable little voice murmuring, squealing, shouting and saying: Aaaaa Deeee.

Jackson was so excited to have a playmate that he could hardly contain himself. He woke up in the morning asking for AaaaDeee. He got up from naps looking for AaaaDeee. We went to dinner, he wanted to sit next to AaaaDeee. We walked on the beach, he wanted to walk with AaaaDeee. He hugged. He squealed. He kissed.

Jackson would hug Addie and say oh-so sweetly: AaaaDeee. Jackson LOVE. AaaaDeee YUMMY. AAAADEEE.

Since arriving home Addie has turned me at least two dozen times, put her hands on her cheeks, widened her eyes and asked: Jack?

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Kathy said...

Ohmigod!!! Sooooo cute it makes me tear up!