Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sometimes, right as Andy and I are falling asleep, I like to wrap my index finger right around the end of his nose and then inform him it's the most comfortable I've ever been. He does not particularly care about my comfort and shoos my finger away, usually while grunting something in a grouchy tone.

Last night, and again tonight, while I Addie and I sat huddled on the couch reading bedtime stories, she leaned into me, reached up her left hand and held my chin between her thumb and index finger as I read. I shooed her away once last night, and right after she turned to me and said: "Cudd, Mommmmeeee, cudd" and then she sighed.

Tonight, when she reached up to hold my chin again, I asked her if we were cuddling...she said yes and sighed oh-so deeply and contentedly. I kept reading. She kept a firm grasp on my chin.
I realized, she might be feeling the most comfortable she has ever felt.

And I didn't shoo her hand away.

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ck said...

what a great post. you capture these moments with words they way you do with photographs.