Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet and Sticky

I am often in awe of the endless energy that kids have - specifically my kid.

She bounces, gallops, runs, twirls, chats, sings, swings, jumps and wriggles pretty much all day long. This was never so obvious as this past Saturday at a multifamily picnic we attended. We arrived around 2:00 p.m. and, with the exception of sitting to eat 14 tons of watermelon, Addie was on the go.
Go, GO, Go!

She swung, she slid, she teeter-tottered, she tossed water balloons, she drew with chalk, she blew bubbles, she hit balls off a t, she balanced on beams. She munched on watermelon and pineapple, she nibbled on a sausage, she begged for treats.
By the time we got home, an hour past her bedtime, she was head-to-toe sticky with sweat, marshmallow and lollipop. In my own"bad mommy moment" I looked at her black feet, her sugar coated fingers, her marshmallowed cheeks and I washed her down with six or seven wipes. A bath would have been best, but I was exhausted and sticky too, and just didn't have the energy.

Sunday morning, Addie's hair was up on end, she smelled of picnic, sugar, fun and sweat. I threw her in the shower and gave her a good scrub down and she reemerged as my sweet smelling Bean.
Now I just need to remember to change her sheets, because I am pretty sure she could get stuck to them.

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ck said...

Beautiful photographs!

(And I dump my girls in bed after a wipe bath on days like that too. Only I don't make any effort to check on the sheets the next're a better mommy than I am!)