Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The oppressive heat has given us a small reprieve. Last night, before bed, I turned off the air and opened the windows. My mom has always sworn that fresh air does a body good ~ she must be right. I woke up this morning downright refreshed and my little Bean hasn't stirred yet.

After delivering Andy a fresh brewed cup of coffee, I peeked into Addie's room. She was stretched long along the rails of the crib, blue monkey, giraffe and Orson were tangled in a heap my her head. Her room was bathed in soft orange light and dolls and stuffed animals were strewn across the floor, a reminder of yesterday's forgotten fun. I wanted to take a picture, to capture this moment, but was terrified of waking her up sacrificing my alone time with my caffeine.

I could watch her sleep for hours. There is a sweetness and calmness that I can barely expain. I remember watching her sleep in my arms as an infant - her mouth would be sucking at an imaginary pacifier, her eyes would flutter and twitch, her lips would curl into tiny smiles, her big toe tapping to an imaginary tune. Now she wakes up and tells me of her dreams, which almost always involve a gorilla, a lion and a choo choo. Now she wakes up calling Momeeee, Daadeee, Kitteeee.

In fact, I hear those words over the monitor right now. What a wonderful first 45 minutes of my day I just had.
An earlier picture of her room with an orange glow

A well rested, happy baby with Orson, Blue Monkey and Giraffe


Mich said...

Wait, is it possible that she has grown over the last 3 weeks? She looks like a little lady.....

Kathy said...

Michelle~~~she changes every time she turns around! Wait til you see Samantha do the same!