Thursday, July 9, 2009

No Vacancy

We've been a little busy here, in the land of the Nati, over the past few days.
Karen was in town over the weekend and Uncle Jeaf came to play for the past three days. Our visits were consumed with bubbles, crayons, swing sets, trips to the zoo, several adult beverages and a quality amount of laughter.

Addison showed off all her new birthday gifts too - which by the way, are HER'S and no, she WON'T share.

Pushing around her new Bubble Mower ..........................................Rocking it out with her new guitar

After Karen left on Sunday, and after Jeaf left today, Addie seemed deflated. She looked around the house for her friends and then would say "Mama, Kahrn? Mama, Kaahrn?" or "Mommeeee, Jeafshs? Jeeeaaafshs?". When she realized I was her only playmate left she seemed a bit miffed.

Playing pouty in her new dress-up duds

She resting now, recovering from being the center of attention for seven solid days...and instead of doing the dishes, I am going to rest too.

Because I am tired of not being the center of attention.


Mich said...

I am not ready for the lilypie ticker to count down to 3! Three seems really old!

ck said...

that photo in the dress-up clothes is gorgeous!