Friday, July 10, 2009

Speaking of the Center of Attention

Five years ago today I was getting my hair done at a salon in Chicago. I was being driven through Wendy's for a No. 1 with cheese. I was demanding that music be played and having dozens of buttons buttoned up my back.

I was emphatically telling my mother to get on the trolley.

Five years ago today I was shaking, holding my parents' hands. And then I was walking down the aisle. I saw the faces of some of the most important people in my life. I managed to hold it together, just enough to not ruin my eye makeup.

I tried to put his ring on the wrong finger.

Five years ago today I rode around Chicago in a trolley drinking mimosas, unable to stop smiling. I stood at Buckingham Fountain, and in the median of Michigan Avenue, grinning from ear to ear, with my arms around my husband.

A seagull made a grand entrance by pooing on a bridesmaid or two.

Five years ago today, I danced with my husband, to a song that still makes my heart swell. I danced with my father, who had smooth moves. I watched my mother-in-law hate being in the spotlight, but love dancing with her son.

I saw my guests thoroughly enjoy the open bar.

Five years ago today, I had no idea where I would be today. The journey has thrown curve balls, there have been significant bumps in the road. I didn't know then that I would have had to say so many goodbyes.

I also didn't know then that my entire world would not revolve the two of us, but the three of us.

Five years ago today, I said I do. And I meant it. I do and I will. And I have and I will continue to. I did not know, five years ago, that we could be more in love. I did not know that he could make me laugh even harder.

I did not know that it could be as wonderful as it is.


Mich said...

There was an open bar?


Happy Anniversary!

Christie said...

I think it was "get on the FUCKING trolley" if I remember correctly...and yes, I was pooped on and thoroughly enjoyed the open bar...from what I remember!