Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apparently there IS room at the Inn

There are days that I have a hard enough time keep the three of us and the cat alive...and now I have to worry about keeping you comfortable too??

If you look closely, in the middle of my beautious blooms there is the head of a morning dove peering out.

I went to water my hanging baskets on Monday and was greated with a very loud flapping of wings. After restarting my heart, I looked in the basket - mama morning dove was gone, but itty-bitty baby morning dove was comfortably nested in.

I few months back I may have accidentally smashed an egg I found in my flowers. Apparently that act of birdie murder didn't thwart my doves' desire for a lovely pink home.

So, due to my guilt of murdering their first attempt, I will let my doves stay...

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