Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Natural Disaster

I wasn't sleeping well.
I tossed and turned and groaned and checked the clock 42 times. I couldn't find a good 'cold spot' and the duvet felt too heavy. I was miserable.
Finally, somewhere after 2:30 a.m. I drifted off to sleep. Ahhh, sweet sleep. I love you sleep.
And then, somewhere before the four o'clock hour, BAM, I was awake.

Aa, Mommmee!
Mommmmmeeeeee, Poo. Mommy, poo!
Mama? Mama? The zoo? Zoo, mama?
Pool, Mommeeee? Go pool?
Light ON! Mama, light ON!
Mooommmmmeeee, UP. UP Mommmmeeee.

And yes, now I was awake after my 75ish minutes of sleep. I trudged down the hallway, I picked up my noisemaker, I stumbled back to my room. She nuzzled me and snuggled the pillows and giraffe and drifted off to sleep.

When she was an infant this was on of the things I loved best. I loved snatching her out out of the crib and tucking her in our big bed between us. I loved how she would snuggle close and mumur in her sleep. I loved how she would drift off quiety and happily, practically with a smile dancing on her little lips. I loved those night and mornings when the three of us were snuggled in bed.

I had a fleeting, futile thought of those days this morning. I thought, maybe she'll just snuggle and sleep. Thinking this, I fought to fall back into the magic world of dreams that I enjoyed for a few moments.
Finally, after about ten minutes - sleep - ahhh, sweet sleep.

And then, BAM, I was awake.

Sleeping, not peacefully, next to me was a pinwheel. A cyclone of feet and arms and legs and elbows. A boa constrictor that sucked up every imaginable inch of bed space around me. I was relegated to less than 14 inches of the bed. I was kicked repeatedly in the face, the ribs, the hip. I was elbowed and pushed. This was my sleep. This was my time to rejuvenate. Ahhhh.

So am I a tiny bit cranky this morning?
Uh, yeah.

You probably would be too, if you found a tiny foot with chipped purple nail polish smashed against your cheek when you woke up. You probably would be too, if you realized your mini-me had all the pillows and most of the bed. You probably would be too, if when your mini-me tapped you on the forehead to say good morning you saw her diaper leak pee all over your sheets.

Coffee? COFFFEEE? Where is the coffee?


Mich said...

Hmm, sounds like you and I had similar nights...and mornings. I might have to trade in my morning Diet Pepsi for coffee - this suff just isn't cutting it these days.

LMK said...

I had a bit of a similar night as well... Insomnia + a baby in a growth spurt that wants to nurse every 3 hours again = Fun!

Oh, and how is it that these tiny people can take up 90% of the bed? When Taryn is in our bed, I swear, Lee and I are smashed onto like 1/3 of the bed and Taryn has her arms all stretched out as far as they can go!

ck said...

There is nothing worse (to me) than a child in the bed who refuses sleep. Especially when they used to sleep just fine...