Thursday, August 27, 2009

A List of 32

"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." -Yogi Berra

So far, since turning 32, I've been mistaken for the mother of an eighteen year old, thought about a diet, complained endless about the size of my butt, eaten a bunch of junk food, ignored the mess that is my house and laid on the couch.

I've got to get in gear.

I've decided that instead of New Year's Resolutions, I am going to make Birthday Resolutions - 32 things that I will do, change, attempt, embrace before my 33rd birthday. Silly? Yes. But I am a list maker, and lists make me happy, and for heaven's sake, I've got to do something about this life I'm living.

  1. I will lose 10 pounds, permanently. My jeans will be comfortable and I will be nicer because of it.
  2. I will learn how to cook and season fish. And then I will cook it and eat it and feel holier-than-thou.
  3. I will run five 5ks, and I won't complain about them over and over and over and over.
  4. I will pick a freaking paint color for my bedroom and paint it. And I won't regret it. I will be committed to my color.
  5. I will stick to a consistent work out routine. That should be spelt out - I will work out three times a week, even when I don't freaking feel like it. Even when it's cold outside. Even when Bravo is running a West Wing marathon.
  6. I will eat healthier. Translation: I will not live only off coffee and snacks. Fast food? I love you, but I can only see you once a week from now on. Wine? You are my bestest friend, but my liver hates you...we need to slow down.
  7. I will learn how to properly fold a fitted bed sheet - right now I basically wad them into balls and shove them in the linen closet. That's my dirty little secret, and now you know it.
  8. I will make and keep all doctor and dentist appointments. We pay for insurance for a reason. I will even get my eyes checked (how's that for kicking it up a notch??)
  9. I will mop my kitchen floor at least once a week. It will make me miserable and annoyed, and I reserve the right to bitch about it, but I'll do it.
  10. I will read more books that don't include animal sounds and learning how to count. I love animals and counting is okay, but my brain is going mushy.
  11. I will (just to make my mom happy) become a better flosser.
  12. I will make and stick to a budget. This will be much harder done than said. I love Target, coffee shops and book stores...
  13. I will complete Addison's year two scrap book.
  14. I will start Addison's year three scrap book.
  15. I will figure out a way to stay more organized. Pointers? Tips? Ideas?
  16. I will get Addie and I on a schedule - less TV and shopping, more classes and fun. We will play outside. We will go to story time. We will be well-rounded.
  17. I will clip coupons and use them. Which means maybe I should get a Sunday paper subscription...oooh, now I can clip coupons and do the Sunday crossword. Bonus.
  18. I will go on a childless date with my husband at least once a month. We will go the movies, to dinner, to plays, to concerts, to sporting events. We will have uninterrupted conversations. It will be glorious.
  19. I will fold laundry and put it away. Weekly.
  20. I will remember birthdays and send cards via snail mail.
  21. I will return phone calls even when I don't feel like it. And I will sit down and listen, even when I don't feel like it.
  22. I will eat breakfast with my daughter at least twice a week (that is a pathetic but necessary goal).
  23. I will cook dinner, cook not heat up or reheat, three times a week. Let's be honest, three times is even a lofty goal.
  24. I will take a photography class. I will damn it. I WILL.
  25. I will frame some of my photos and put them on the darn wall. Then I will stop complaining about said wall.
  26. I will go out for at least one really good steak dinner and not even think about the size of the bill. Or how tight my pants will be.
  27. I will keep my yard looking good - mulching, mowing, weeding, pruning, planting. I will do it all and I will pretend to enjoy it. And eventually I will enjoy it and I'll be good at it and it will be pretty.
  28. I will go somewhere I've never been - Memphis? Nashville? Oregon? Delaware? And I will go there not for a wedding or shower or an obligation. I will go there for fun and because I want to.
  29. I will plan and participate in a girls weekend - sans kiddo, sans husband, full of laughter. And martinis. Lots of martinis.

Okay, that's all the brain power I have. I mean seriously, how much self-improvement can one person do??

Numbers 30, 31, and 32 are on the table for discussion. Thoughts? Ideas?

Be gentle, you know I am fragile.


jillian said...

Jess I am so glad that at 32 your are going to become a flosser.... Every time I go to the dentist I tell myself that I will and I don't. Maybe I can do this one too! Oh and don't go to Delaware. This is where Josh is from and it's not very impressive. But if you must I can do that with you too! Love the list!

Nikki said...

I have an idea for #30! I will send my amazing sister-in-law care packages once a month! :) Not sure how that would improve you but it would certainly help me out.

Barbara A said...

For #31 How about trying-just trying to get home to Massachusetts more often. We miss all of you!

Christie said...

First, I am very proud of you for being so very productive. Second, I will be thoroughly impressed if you achieve even half of that list since you have set some lofty goals in there...homecooked meals and working out 3x per week? Really? Third..I am looking forward to #29.

ck said...

30) I reserve the right to not feel guilty when Addison gets a day full of TV, bad food and none of my attention. Days like that happen.

And to help you with #7, I'll share my dirty little fitted sheet secret. I have a bin just for sheets by my washing machine and I leave the dirty ones there until I'm ready to make the bed. It's rarely worth the effort to fold those things...

Mich said...

#29 - um, sign me up. I am all for martinis...and gal company.

And I am with Christie - dang gina, those are some lofty goals. How about making:

#32 - accomplish at least half of the goals on this list.

Kathy said...

Only floss the teeth you want to keep!!

TKW said...

31) Jessica will not be so hard on herself all the time.