Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Kind of Town

Five hours up the road (okay, up a couple of roads) is Chicago. Everyone knows my love of Chicago.

College in Chicago lured me away from home. It is where I met some of my very best friends. It is where I fell in love, married my husband, bought my first home and gave birth to my daughter. Chicago taught me the how truly amazing a hot dog can be, how to be a fanatical baseball fan and the beauty of a well made martini.

Moving away broke my heart, but returning for a minute or two makes me smile from ear to ear. I love to see the fountain in Grant Park, the boats in the harbor, the sun sparkling off the skyscrapers. I love the little neighborhoods, the shopping and the energy. My family. My friends. The freaking pizza.

Me + Chicago = an endless love.

Addie and I escaped the debaucherous boys football draft in Cincinnati and fled to Chicago this past weekend. We primarily played with Grampa, Gram, Emmett et al. But we managed to sneak in a visit with some Chicago pals ~ Addie played with Sam's toys, sat on Tool's lap, learned from Karen how to put her coat on all by herself (side note: she learned this skill because in Chicago it was cool enough to require coat!) and sat outside wrapped in a Snuggie with Michael. We met Baby Seamus, scarfed down mini corn dogs at Riverview and were reminded what great friends we have.
And as much fun as we had in Chicago, we had equally as much fun hanging in Glenview. Addie scarfed down sweet treats from Gram and Grampa. She ran wild in their yard, played with the sandbox and wore off energy with her "baby" cousin Emmett.
On Saturday we went with Grampa to Wagner Farm and the Farmers Market - both of which little lady loved. At the farm Addison adored the fake cow that she could milk, the pen of roosters and geese and with the old fashioned ice cream parlor (mmmm, double chocolate milk shake).

At the market she helped herself to more than enough free samples of cheese, smelled the fresh flowers and checked out the bins of tomatoes. A perfect Saturday by our standards.

The rest of our visit centered around playing and laughing and having fun with family - all of which was done in abundance.


Christie said...

ok...the snuggie picture is adorable!

Mich said...

that look on Andy's face is hilarious - "Ah, what am I supposed to do with two?"

We are glad you came to visit and loved seeing you two lovely ladies!

Kathy said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Kate C. said...

So cute! It was great to see you.

TKW said...

Okay, that fake cow is AWESOME!! I wanna milk that thing!

Wonderful pics! My dad has a love affair with Chicago as well.

Gibby said...

Well, you know how much I love Chicago! The pics speak a thousand words, looks like you guys had a blast.

maricojones said...

I miss you two already!! Come back!!