Monday, September 7, 2009

Flower Girl

We were on the road again this past weekend...straight up I-71 to the land of Cleveland.

I don't have much of an opinion about Cleveland, good or bad - I've been there for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony; I've taken in an Indians game; I've had a few beers at The Winking Lizard. But this weekend we wandered up there for our friends' wedding and I found Cleveland to be quite lovely. Our hotel was adorable, the weather was beautiful, and the time spent with friends was, as always, wonderful.

Addie and Andy were in the wedding - he was the best man, she was the flower girl. He was tall dark and handsome in his tux, she was adorable in her dress. I know that weddings are all about the bride and a little about the groom...but when your daughter is the flower girl, turns out it is all about her.

I fretted about her hair, her shoes, her attitude. I worried whether she would make it down the aisle, behave during the ceremony, manage to keep goo off her dress. I ironed her dress, sprayed her hair, painted her toes. I prepped her for her job, kept her calm, held her hand. Turns out, I didn't need to do any of it. She knew her job, and she did it with finesse. She floated down the aisle with her fellow flower girl and ring bearer. She smiled and beamed and focused on being adorable.

She refused to nap after the ceremony and partied like it was her job at the reception...and at the end of the day, by the grace of god, her dress was still white and her smile still in place.

The bride was beaming and the groom was gorgeous...but that flower girl?

She was something else.


Kathy said...

You Betcha!!!

Mich said...

omg, is it possible that she grew up more since we saw y'all a few weeks ago? so precious.

TKW said...

Oh, princess. So sweet.

Kate C. said...


Sue said...

She is such a little lady! Gorgeous.