Thursday, September 3, 2009

The End of a Wednesday

After some fabulous, saucy, deeeeelicious deep dish Chicago pizza for dinner tonight, Addison decided we needed to head outside and work off some calories. Well, she worked them off, I watched, manned the camera and was generally amused.

She tooled around in her pink car, until she ran over her foot.

She sped along on her tricycle, until the inevitable.

She pushed around on the scooter, until it was time for a break....and a run for some ice cream.

Just another wonderful summer evening in southwest Ohio.


Kathy said...

WHOA!!! Frontwards,backwards and a little sideways too! That's real talent!
I can't believe how much she's grown in a month.

ck said...

I love it when they exercise for us. They're so good like that.

Kate C. said...

Wow - look at the little triathlete! The two highlights of the video...
1. The music
2. Her pose at the end sitting on the scooter.

Just one question - where is the purple bike she told me all about?? :-)

TKW said...

I agree with's much nicer to have the toddler do the exercise!