Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Game, Mommy

Last week I mentioned Addie's new game. To the rest of the world it's called Chutes and Ladders to Addie it is her game. Addie's game, mama? Mommmmyyy, Gaame? Gaaaame, Mom?

She doesn't really get the concept, it's still a tad too old for her. But, she does love the colors and the slides and the pictures. She sees that there are pictures of good decisions and that there are pictures of bad decisions. She hearts the spinner, even though she struggles a bit with actually working it.

The first time she played she and Grandma named the board pieces - Elise, Amy, Ray and Bruce. I am not sure how, beyond Elise, those names were agreed upon, but they have steadfastly remained. Elise, is Addie's BFF - she's four and therefore super cool and adored. Addie apparently decided to honor their friendship by making Elise a major player in her new game.

When Addie plays her game, which is several times a day, I hear a lot of: No Amy! Ray's turn. Oh no, Eliiiiissssse. Addie likes to tell me all the bad decisions that she's made that the players have made too - taking cookies off the counter, drawing on the wall - and then point out what she or the players should have done.

Occasionally we play it together, but mostly she and the cat play while I pick up our endless mess. Last week, after a game of Chutes and Ladders in the front hallway with Michelob, Addie came running into the kitchen repeatedly saying:

Oh no! Mommy, oh no. Oh no, Elise. Elise broke Mommy.
It was the last statement that concerned me the most. What possible could have happened to Elise that she was broken?
My concern was justified, it indeed appeared that Elise took a heck of a spill off one of those ladders. Poor Elise.


Christie said...

OMG...hilarious. Poor Elise!

jillian said...

If I remember correctly all of our players had tape belts around their tummies. You would think between then and now they would have reinforced those little guys.

ck said...

That's exactly how I feel when I get stuck playing that game for too long.

Christie said...

Yes, I think a Duct Tape belt would look ravishing with Elise's outfit.

Kathy said...

if I remember correctly, YOUR players all had tape belts. It's good that the tradition has been passed down to the next generation!!!