Monday, September 21, 2009

Rah Rah for a GG

I adored my grandparents. My Dad's parents were loud and loving. They spoiled me, as the only granddaughter, with toys and dolls and attention. Gramma always had jell-o pudding pops in the freezer and Grampa gave out huge bear hugs.

My Mom's parents were kind and caring. They loved having us come for visits and would travel 12 hours to come see us, even though my grandfather never shared in the driving. Boo never skimped on cookies or love and Pop Pop always had a pocket full of change for us to visit the corner store with.

My grandparents were nothing short of wonderful in my eyes. I know that they had flaws, and that there were hard times - I've heard the stories. But for me, they were warm and affectionate and made me feel special.

Addison is blessed with amazing grandparents as well. She has grandmothers and a grandfather who think that she is the most precious, smartest, sweetest, sassiest little girl in the world. In their eyes she can run faster, jump higher, hug harder and smile more than any other girl around. It's the right of all grandparents to think their grandchild is the most amazing and it is the right of every grandchild to bask in that kind of adoration.
But Addie has someone that I never had, and I am a bit jealous.

Addie has a great grandma - her GG.

And GG showers her in love and kisses and hugs just as much as her grandparents. GG spoils her rotten with ice cream, and clothes, and purses and toys and books, and lip gloss. And as much as GG loves Addie, Addie loves her GG.

Yesterday, after a delay or two, we finally celebrated GG's 75th birthday. The whole fam damily sloshed on to a yellow school bus and headed down to Great American Ball Park on a rainy Sunday to cheer on the Reds. Addie even wore red shoes to support the team (no worries, she is first and foremost a Cubbie, but she always has her GG's back). The rain came and went and came again.

We cheered. Fireworks went off for a home run or two. Rosie Red came to hangout in our cheering section and most importantly for GG, the Reds won. Addie loved the ballgame, and GG seemed to love having her family at her side.
Not everyone gets to have a GG and I feel blessed not only that Addie has GG, but that we do. She is patient and insightful. She is steady and calm. She is generous and supportive. She makes our lives a little better and she makes Addie's world that much richer.


Barbara A said...

GG's are priceless!!

ck said...

My first daughter got to experience her Gigi as well, and they adored each other. And startlingly enough, she looked so much like Addison's GG that it made me gasp when I first saw the photos on this blog.