Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little of this and whole lotta that

Guess what I am humming right now?
Okay, Under the Sea was a good bet, but no. I am humming We are the Champions. Why? You may ask - because, my friends, Addison went to bed last night. On the first try. And stayed in bed until 7:15 a.m. Whaaa? Holla, friends, holla! I hypothesized with my friend Kate that perhaps the reason for our success is that we admitted to having a problem. Isn't that the first step in recovery, admitting you have a problem? With any luck we won't have a relapse tonight. Relapses suck.
So, back to our pastoral week in the Berkshires with Gramma. Often times when we make the trek home, it is overwhelmed with visitors and events and going-ons. It's awesome to see everyone we get to see, but sometimes it feels like our "vacation" never occurred. There have been many times, while driving to the airport that Mom says "It went by too quickly" or "There never seems to be enough time". This was NOT the case this time around. This time by the time we were headed to the airport, Gramma looked like she need a spa get away.
Maybe it was because we were there for nine days. Or because my mom had the entire week off. It may have been that we went out and explored and played, now that Miss Thang is no longer a baby. It doesn't hurt that she had all but sworn off naps, allowing us to do more.
What ever it was, our trip home was relaxing (although not restful) and unscheduled and lovely.
In addition to Sean and Ali (who I am no longer on speaking terms with) Addie got to visit with my college pal and his brood, my godparents, my cousins and her fairy godmother. She loved the attention, the energy, the newness of everyone.
The beginning of the week was kicked off with most of the Papchristos clan coming to play. Hazel and Theo are 3ish and 5ish, respectively. They are curious, confident, hysterical and smart as heck.
Theo couldn't be bothered much by the girls, opting to teach my mother what he has learned at his Chinese Immersion school and tackle her Brain Quest game.
Hazel and Addie, however, became pretty fast friends. They spun in circles. The swung in the hammock. They meowed at other. And they giggled and giggled and giggled girly giggles.
After about an hour of the three kids' endless energy , which may have been enhanced by the amount of candy corns they inhaled, us adults decided it was more than time for a mimosa...sweetest mimosa I've ever had, I swear.

The week ended with The Johnsons driving up from Connecticut and Fairy Godmother Kate popping in from New York City (more on her later). Addison decided to bring out her A-game for everyone. Last time Jay and Sara saw our little babe, she was horribly sick and not at all fun.
This time she did everything in her power to make up for it. She danced. She paraded. She sang. Puzzles were put together, books were read, and a lot of salami was eaten.

She had five adults so wrapped around her finger, that it was comical. They sang along with her. They boogied by her side. They joined her silly parade. On demand, a room full of adults broke out in The Itsy-bitsy Spider and Edelweiss.
I loved watching her get to know my family and finding them as entertaining and ridiculous as I do. But what I loved most was helping her host her first official tea party. Every year for my birthday my Aunt Janet would give me a tea cup. Not some crappy Target tea cup either - real bone china. I have 17 of them wrapped up at my mother's house. Since many of my fondest memories of being with Aunt Janet revolve around sharing a cup of tea, I thought I should get Addison in on the fun.
After dinner was devoured, and too many desserts were served, the menfolk had coffee, and us ladies sat down for a proper tea party, using my cups. Addison beamed - she thought she was so fancy and grown up.

Which is exactly how I always felt when Aunt Janet poured me a cup of tea...Welcome to a wonderful tradition, Miss Thang.***************************************************************************************************

I promise, simply to avoid the wrath of Grandma Patty, to update you on our adventures at the pumpkin patch and apple orchard tomorrow.... Right now I've got a a little Ry to entertain.


Aunt Janet said...

Oh yes, it was a delightful visit. Jessica is a terrific mom, Kathy is a fabulous grandma, and Addison is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.
We all had a ball; you can act as foolish as you want in the company of a two year old:)

ck said...

You know that the event was a success when "a lot of salami was eaten."

PS: My parents came to our house this weekend so my husband and I could get away. They usually comment, like your mom, on how fast their times flies when they're here. NOT THIS TIME. They left early!

TKW said...

Salami...mmmmmm. Can we make salami salt, too?

Just a head's up--I'm sending some readers your way this weekend! :)