Monday, October 26, 2009

A walk in the woods

A walk through the woods has always helped to clear my mind. I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet, the twitter of the birds and squirrels. I like getting lost in the quiet and in my thoughts. Growing up I spent hours at a local bird sanctuary - walking, running, skiing. It was one of my sanctuaries.

As much as a I loved the lakefront in Chicago, it was never as peaceful or quiet as the woods. And I've yet to really find a place as calming here. And then today I went to Sharon Woods. There was a brisk, babbling brook. There were hills and trails and trees exploding in Autumn colors. There was a lake with paddle boats and playgrounds hidden among the foliage. It's a bit of a drive from home, but definitely worth it. Beautiful. Relaxing. Calming.

Or so I thought.

Today, I wandered into the woods with Kimmie, Rylan and Addie for a picturesque fall photoshoot. A chance to catch these two cuties playing and laughing and being adorable.
Do you think today they could love each other? Or that they could handle holding hands or hugging? Could they frolic like carefree children in the leaves? Could they, for one minute, not be crying or yelling or antagonzing each other?

Uh, no.

There was hitting and pushing and tripping. If one was smiling the other was scowling. If one was being playful the other was pouting. There were screams and cries and tears and drama. Oh, peaceful woods, why wouldn't your magic work?

Not to mention, Addie has an epic-sized cold, replete with a hacking cough, a river of green boog, and a chapped face from endless tissues. And Ry has a moderately swollen lip and facial scratches from a dog bite. Here's to hoping Photoshop can work a little magic.

I lurked behind our lovely photographer and tried to grab a few shots of our "peaceful" day in the woods. I snagged one or two, and have great hopes that the photographer had a quicker more skilled eye than me. Maybe she got their sweet smiles. Maybe she captured the quick hug. Maybe they both looked at the camera.

But I doubt she got this graceful shot of Addie ----------------------->

So, head-clearing woods, your magic did not work today. While I loved your smell and sights, the soundtrack of whining toddlers thwarted you. After our adventure today I was blessed with a borderline migraine and a child who misplaced her ears. And now, at 9:20 p.m. I am going to crawl up to bed and rest up for another day of nose wiping and cough covering.
With any luck there will be less whining and
more laughter. Less scolding and more cuddling.

Maybe a bit less coughing too. Maybe my shirt won't be repeatedly used as a tissue. Maybe my little darling will be back to her wonderful self.



Kathy said...

looks like an Addie-tude to me!

TKW said...

Oh, sweetie! Sending you healing vibes from over here--came home from Vegas with a sick hubby and a sick Miss's a mad, mad, world in the cold/flu season.