Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Today

It's a cold rainy day.
Seventy minutes spent at the doctor's office, hearing hacking coughs and staring at a sea of face masks.
My pumpkin self-destructed minutes before I finished my masterpiece.
I haven't worked out since Saturday.
The house is a wholly mess and I'm dying for a glass of wine.
My shoe is making a sticky noise when I walk across the kitchen floor.
I am choosing to believe that it's my shoe that is dirty, not my floor.
Last night I hid in the bath tub during dinner time.
This morning I found myself being annoyed at two very tiny, very cold feet pressed up against my belly.
I picked up my friend from the airport and darn near ran out of gas on the way there, making me late to pick up a lovely, punctual, pregnant lady.
My headache keeps returning and my child is considered contagious.
I can't find a way to keep my feet warm and there are six piles of laundry on the basement floor.
During nap time I uploaded pictures from last week, when the sun was shining, and remembered, in spite of it all, to smile.
After all, it all could be worse.


Kathy said...

what is the Punky Brewster "arm warmer"?? This little one has a style all her own! Sooooo cute!

ck said...

"I am choosing to believe that it's my shoe that is dirty, not my floor."

Sounds like you're singing my song! My shoes are always very dirty.