Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogging has not been my strong point lately. Neither has been cleaning my house. Sitting, however, I have really developed a talent for.
Instead of going into a detailed narrative of how my two-year-old thoroughly entertained five adults by repeatedly requesting to watch The Beauty and the Beast, just know that instead of the movie's title she very clearly says boobies over and over. I can't wait until we're out shopping and she spots anything related to that movie.

We're getting ready to head up 71 to Akron to play at my brother's house, be doted on by my mother, be entertained by Barb and Phil, and drink pear vodka with Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Glenn. I am thankful to get away and for so many more things.

Right now I am really thankful to be sitting (see, I've perfected it) in my chair wrapped in a blanket


Mich said...

Pear vodka? Sign me up! I heart sitting too.

Kathy said...

and I am THANKFUL for YOU!!!

Kate C. said...


I am so thankful you let us all keep in touch with you and your family through the blog! Can't wait to see you briefly tomorrow! Tom is excited to see Addie!

Sue said...

You obviously have a talent for making sweet little videos -- I loved it!

Aunt Janet said...

My heart has melted; I am so touched by this blog and all the others that you have shared. We're so thankful we are part of your family.