Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A list inspired by a cup of coffee

I am thankful for:

A quiet morning alone, with a perfect cup of coffee, while everyone else sleeps.

Room in the bed for three.

The support and laughter of my husband.

The curious mind of Addie.

Food in my fridge, gas in my car, clothes in my closet.

The health and humor of my family.

Rylan's love of Lilly.

Kind neighbors and holiday lights.

Finishing 80 percent of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.

Hidden motivation to workout.

Friends, near and far, who make my world brighter.

Story time, Mothers' Day Out, exercise and playgrounds.

A good book and a hot bath.

Hot spiced wine and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese.

The fact that 2009 has been a thousand times better than 2008.

Reasons to laugh and cry and occasionally toast.

A two-year-old who sometimes hits and spits, but always hugs and kisses.

Being able to sit back and make a list of reasons to gives thanks.


TKW said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, sweetie, and the cutest 2 year old on the plantet...hubs ain't no chopped liver, either :)

Mich said...

And we are thankful for your little family - you guys definitely make our lives brighter!