Monday, November 2, 2009


The last two mornings, which have started at ungodly early hours, have been marked by this question:
Treat, Mama? Addie get treat Mama? Mmm, treat, mama, Addie love choc.
I must admit, just like my mom, I am not a super cool mom who thinks Halloween candy is part of breakfast. I really wish it wasn't part of any meal, as sugar makes my little sweet thing c-r-a-z-y. Bouncing of the walls, shrieking, acting like a maniac, crazy. Especially her favorite - chocolate. Chocolate in any form - chocolate milk, chocolate bars, chocolate milkshakes, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered whatevers. The chick hearts chocolate.

Which I totally get, because I do too.

To keep us both sane, the bucket of hard-earned Halloween candy is on top of the fridge and doled out at my whim. After the cupcake incident, I have managed to leave it alone - but I plan on it lasting until at least Christmas.
Halloween in our little suburban cul-de-sac was lovely. We spent time with the entire neighborhood having a pre-trick or treat dinner, that my neighbors bravely hosted. After munching on chili and hot dogs and four bazillion dips, we headed back across the street and set up shop.
Setting up shop included getting the fire pit going, bringing out the buckets of candy, lighting the pumpkins and making sure there were enough chairs for all our candy- passer-outers. In our driveway there was a Halloween entourage of Uncle Brian, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Patty, and Rylan's Grandparents and Great Grandmother. It was a crowd scene, but a fun one.

Addie, the bumble bee, and Rylan, a little Superman, walked the neighborhood and filled their buckets. Addie managed to say "twick or tweat, pease" and Ry charmed every one with his smile. Of course the little cuties were well chaperoned by their daddies and mommies and, perhaps, a few adult beverages.
After some chili and some playing and a little candy sampling, my little bumble bee went up to her hive and snored away -- until 5:23 a.m.

Which is a completely unacceptable time for morning to begin, if you ask me.


Kate C. said...

Adorable! Looking forward to seeing you guys this week.

Mich said...

Miss Sam has been setting her alarm clock way too early lately....whoever sent out this let's-all-wake-at-the-butt-crack-o-dawn memo to all the kids is evil.

ck said...

Your neighborhood is awesome. I want to move there.

(And Addie is the cutest bumblebee ever.)

TKW said...

Oh that is the most precious bumblebee!!!