Saturday, October 31, 2009


This week was the fall party at Addie's school. While I didn't get her gussied up in a costume, I did, in an attempt to be an adequate mother, sign up to bring in cupcakes.

It is a well known fact that I love cupcakes. I love the frosting, the perfect portions, the spongy cakey goodness. I am not as obsessive as Michelle, but I do find them to be a tasty treat.

For my thirtieth birthday some of my girlfriends brought me out on a girl-date, with one-month-old Addie in tow, and fed me cupcakes at Sweet Mandy B's. Oh how I loved the red velvet cupcake with the sugary cream cheese frosting. It was delectable...even Addie looked in awe at my treat.

One winter evening in Chicago was spent sitting in my living room sampling a variety of cupcakes from Angel Food. The frosting was so colorful and gooey. Perfect little cups of happiness. It also helped that those cupcakes were paired with lots of wine and laughter.

And then there are the cupcakes at Southport Grocery. Moist, sweet, amazing - every 'ladies who lunch' date there ended with a vanilla cupcake slathered in white frosting. Sugary, cakey, make-my-belly smile good. In fact my affection for Southport Grocery's cupcake is so well known that since we moved from Chicago I have received at least two picture mails on my phone of their cupcakes. Yes, my friends are a tiny bit cruel.

So, Wednesday night I put the little lady to bed and whipped up her cupcakes - or as she calls the 'pupcakes'- for school. I made 12 regular sized ones and 12 mini ones. Don't for a minute think I was fancy, I simply ripped open that box of Funfetti and followed the instructions. Oooh, but how delicious they looked. How scrumptious they smelled. How pretty they were when frosted.
Thursday Addie came home from school with a only one pigtail still in place and a goody bag of treats - candy, crayons, bubbles and one mini cupcake. She was sleeping.
She didn't even know that the cupcake was in her bag.

I quickly unwrapped it and popped it in my mouth. SO not on my low carb diet.

I guiltily spit the cupcake out into a napkin and threw it away. How naughty of me. Eating a forbidden food and stealing from my two year old.

I think I have hit a new low.


TKW said...

Aww, honey, you are human. And we must be on the same cupcake vibe this weekend!

Sue said...

The naughtiest part is that you let it go to waste! SOMEone should have gotten to enjoy that mini cupcake!!

Mich said...

I am so with Sue - shame on you for letting it go wasted.