Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Hygiene?

It wasn't until Addison was born that I truly became a fastidious hand washer. Sure, I would run my hands under water after, uh, using the facilities. But a scrubber I was not. I think that Purell Hand Sanitizer was the best invention in the world. I have it stock piled in my car, in my purse, in my house - it's pure genius.

I don't know why I found hand washing so tedious - maybe I needed fancy soaps, lotions, and nice towels. Either way, how gross of me. Obviously I had no idea how nasty it was to be so indifferent washing my hands. But when little bean was born I became a little obsessive about washing my hands. I didn't want to get her dirty, or pass on a bacteria or germs or whatever.

I wasn't overly paranoid about the cleanliness of other people's hands, in fact my sister was the only one who even thought to wash her hands before holding Addie in the hospital. Nonetheless, I became vigilant about the cleanliness of my hands. There is still Purell stashed all over, but my hands are now very washed and very clean - usually scented with Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena or Geranium soap and lotions. Hmmmm, I guess fancy soaps and lotions do factor into the equation.

It turns out that Addie is the opposite of how I was growing up. She loves to wash her hands. She loves being at the kitchen sink, at the downstairs bathroom, perched on her stool in the guest bathroom sudsing up. She'll wash her hands for as long as I let her - her hands, her forearms, her elbows, her shoulders.

I figure this is one quirk is one worth backing off of - a little OCD? Maybe...but she's clean.
And dang, those sweet little hands smell good.


Mich said...

Maybe Addie is the new Mr. Monk - ever seen that show? I love it.

~Laura said...

Lucky you that you don't have to fight with her to do this! I am going through that right now with my three year old. Uggh. Not good during flu season.

Sue said...

My nephew likes washing his hands just so he can play with the water and soap. He could stand and run his hands under water for hours, I'm sure.

TKW said...

I wish Miss D. liked it more...she can rarely be bothered. Which is why she is a germ on legs.

WhisperingWriter said...

Aww, how sweet :)

Gibby said...

So cute!
I fear I have passed on OCD tendencies to my kid as well, she's constantly using what she calls "hanitizer." Oh well, at least she's sort of clean.