Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For KahRen and Jeafen and Christie (and Carolyn too)

Karen and Jeafen found Addison's obsession with Beauty and The Beast a bit beyond entertaining. It wasn't so much that she loved the movie, as it was that she repeatedly, with heart, called it Boobies.

She's improved her speech pattern over the past few weeks and now calls it Bleauty and A Beast.

Unfortunately for me she is now mixing up the words peanuts and penis. I am mortified that she knows the word penis; impressed that can tell you that boys have them; and praying she won't talk too much about them in public.
However, at Thanksgiving she told Jeafen that "Ry Ry has peanuts" and today after spotting the peanut jar on the table she shouted to me "Mama! Addie want PENIS. Addie have penis Mama?".

Awesome. And by awesome, I mean crap.


TKW said...

Why is it that I am never too old to laugh at a penis joke? Awesome!

WhisperingWriter said...


Oh, and in regards to the note you left on my blog, I got the Elf Sized shirt at Gymboree. You can find them all over on eBay too.