Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day Review

We are home, and relatively in one piece, from our trip to Jeafen's for Turkey Day. On the way home we even cut down our Christmas Tree, but more on that later.
A quick overview of our adventure:
  • There were turkey hats for all and a turkey hairbow for the little lady.
  • Thanksgiving dinner can be a bit of an adventure, and it helps to have a skilled griller on hand.
  • Addison fully understands the concept of presents and loves getting them. She also loves everyone else's presents.
  • I learned my uncle has two tattoos and one is questionably placed. And that only after consuming the below list of beverages is it a good idea to request to see it.
  • When the Flahertys (and honorary Flahertys) get together livers suffer: pinot grigio, pear vodka, millionaire coffees, shiraz, glogg and wine spritzers were drank in abundance.
  • Two-year-olds don't sleep when there is an audience to entertain.
  • Addison loves slime dogs as much as I do. Slime dog slime dog slime diggity dawg! YUM.
  • Gramma will get up at any hour to steal a few minutes of quiet with her baby.
  • On our car trip not one movie was played or requested - but a tube of strawberry Smurfette chapstick was eaten.
  • A few days with family in a tight quarters is exhausting...and full of laughter and wonderful.

Turkey hat with tattooed Uncle Glenn. Fancy turkey hairbow. Entertaining the honorary Flahertys.

Enjoying Daddy's new Rudolph nose. Cheers to family time!


Christie said...

I particularly like Andy's Rudolph nose.

Kathy said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN~~~this little group rocks!!! thanks to Jeafen for putting us up and putting up with all of us!

~Laura said...

Sounds like a great holiday!

TKW said...

Chuckling over the term "slime dogs!!"