Thursday, January 14, 2010


Forget the complaining about the lies. My friend assures me that at two years old Addie doesn't really understand the concept of lying. Fine, I believe my friend, she's the mother of a four year old and expecting a baby boy the beginning of March - she must know something to have made it this far.

So forget the lying.
Let's focus on the attitude...or more aptly the Additude. Dear lord, there isn't enough wine, friends. Seriously, even if you offered me your stash of wine it wouldn't be enough.

Dinner tonight
Me: Babe, finish your meat and asparagus please.
A: I want pickle.
Me: I know that, but you need to eat your dinner first.
A: I WANT pickle!
Me: Addeeee, please finish your dinner.

A pink, plastic fork is thrown across the table, whizzing past my nose. Upon further inspection a pink, plastic tine is broken off it.

Me: AD.DI.SON! You broke your fork! And you almost hit Mommy. Time for the thinking stool.
Me: Addie. Stool. Now.
A: PICKLE! (slamming fist into the puddle of ketchup on her plate)

Oh, don't worry she sat on that stool.
I moved it away from the window (because she kept blowing zerberts on the glass) to against the wall. In the new location she proceeded to prop up her feet and sing to herself.

Dinner. Done.
Bath. Taken.
Bed. Early.

House? Ahh, so quiet.

Will I survive the teen years?


TKW said...

Smiling. It's a lucky thing that she's the cutest child on the planet. It sounds like it's saving her life at the moment. :)

Sara said...

Saw you mention Cinci on Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time. I work in Cinci, mom to a 5 and 3 year old.

Great dialogue! Lying is/can be a huge problem. Humor helps and talking them through the lie. Even at 2, she can verbalize and understand a lie. Part of me wants to say, it is a level of control. Can she control you and your husband and how can she manipulate things to get her way. I find it funny that you guys call each other to check to see if what she is saying is true. Don't even hesitate on answering her back, just tell her "I know Mommy/Daddy didn't say that. Why don't we ... " (and go on to the next activity). Then call later when she isn't around, but 10 times out of 10, your gut is right. Really get in her head and make her think you guys have eyes and ears everywhere and are two steps ahead of her.

Just my two cents.

jillian said...

Oh Jess! I LOVE that she put her feet up and sang to herself. I can't imagine where she got that AddiTude from.

~Laura said...

Oh, God, you have to love the twos! I don't care how tiresome it is to hear the phrase terrible twos, but they did come up with it for a reason. I didn't think I would make it through my youngest second year. But, trust me, this too shall pass. That is, until she turns four! I hear that's a tough one also.