Monday, January 25, 2010

Hope For Tomorrow

It's true, tomorrow is always another day.
And in my case, it wasn't just another day - it was a better day. A wonderful day.

Today was not marked with threats or raised voices. I did not get hit, spit on or kicked. I got hugs, tons of kisses and multiple requests of "Mama, you hold me".
Uh, okay. I would love to hold you, you polar opposite child of yesterday, are you here to stay?

Today she peed on the potty and only had one accident, which she was sad about. Today she said excuse me, I love you, please, thank you and you're welcome. Today she listened and barely argued and demonstrated some patience.
Today she played with her friends, shared her cookies and didn't tattle. Most importantly, today she napped...

She and I chatted in the car on the way to exercise class tonight and she was telling me that her friend Max is "a big, good boy", and her friend Maddie is "a good girl and nice". Then she told me that I was a "good lady. You a real good lady Mommy".
I replied with a thank you and then I asked if I was a good Mommy. I know, I know - dumb move.

She thought for a second and then said "No. No you no good Mommy. You good lady, mama. Not good Mommy".


Sue said...

Oh hilarious. The technicalities! I'm glad she had a good behavior day, anyway.

ck said...

I think she wanted to make sure she was leaving you with something to aspire to. :)