Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1. We have broken up with diapers. I have decided to stock my purse with clean undies and fresh pairs of pants and a boatload of understanding.

2. Yesterday Addie had one accident all day. Today she had one in the middle of JoAnn Fabrics by 9 a.m. One container of understanding used.

3. Potty training can make you a complete and total lunatic, not that I need help in that department.

4. Addison talks a mile a minute these days and has a terrifyingly accurate memory. She can recall things from months ago - like she saw a dinosaur with Gramma Kathy, or ate apple pie with Uncle Jeaf, or that Papa has two kitties, or that she wants a blue house at the beach.

5. Even though she talks a ton, her words sometimes still need deciphering - in the car she often says to me "Mama, my mucus, please. Loud!". She frequently asks me if she can use "big girl kizors" to glue and cut, and inevitably she'll say "No cut hair, Mama, just paper".

6. I know that I have never been a particularly patient person, but these days I think I have moments of pure irrationality. Today I could barely stand the other kids at storytime, or the storyteller (Uh, could you be quiet and listen to the book please? Uh, could show the pictures while you read? - the toddlers are getting restless). I found myself wanting to smack the cashier at Meijer (Really, Frank, I need to find the UPC code for you? Is it that hard?) and every driver on the road was an idiot. I, of course, was a perfect example of smart, safe driving.

7. We are going out for burgers tonight at Zip's Cafe. Zip's is considered to have the best cheeseburger and best onion rings in town. I know I am on a low-carb diet - I don't need to be reminded. I have been behaving for the past 3ish days so that I can indulge in these supposed delicacies. I might top it off with a fancy beer.

8. We have started visiting preschools for next year's enrollment - how is it possible that she is that old?


Christie said...

Keep breathing lady!! Can't wait get to see you in 2 weeks...yippee!!!!

Kate C. said...

I love Zips!!! I haven't been there in ages. Have fun!

Wow - preschool! Nuts!

ck said...

"One container of understanding used."

hahahahahaha! What a great line.

I feel you on #8. We recently visited our first kindergarten...

TKW said...

Potty training will drive anyone to insanity

Sue said...

Laughing outloud at #6. Also random fyi, Steve informed me 2 days ago that Zip's is also the name of the lower level Centennial Forum hangout. It has a name?! Who knew? http://www.luc.edu/studentcenters/zipolis.shtml