Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Lies

Me: Addie, please pick up your princess dominoes.
A: Okay mommy. (Continues playing with stuffed kitty and toy broom)
Me: Bud, you need to pick up your game - it's all over the hallway and we don't want to lose any pieces.
A: Okaaay, mommy. (Picks up two dominoes and then gets distracted by live cat meowing)
Me: Addison. I'm not going to ask again. Pick up your game. If mommy picks it up then it is mine.
A: Okay, mom. I all done. You pick up. I done.

So I picked up the dang dominoes, illustrated with Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine and Ariel - her most favorite people these days - and I put them on top of the cabinets. My game now, kiddo.

A: Mooooommmeeeeee, my game! My game! I want my game.
Me: Sorry kiddo, I told you it was mine if I had to pick it up.
A: Screeching and blubbering and nonsensical words. Stomping of feet, throwing herself on the floor, river of snot. PLEAAAASE MOMA!
Me: Nope. You can earn it back to tomorrow, now stop all the crying, drama mama.
A: Distracted by sight of tea set. Okay mommy, you want tea or coffee?

Andy came home and I got ready to jet out the door to my exercise class and 75 minutes of being childfree. Before I left I explained to him the dominoes situation and said she couldn't have them until they were earned back the next day. Kiss kiss, bye bye. Good luck.

Pulling into class my phone rings:
Him: Did you tell her she could have treat milk when I got home?
Me: What? Treat milk? Uh, No.
Him: She said that mommy said yes to treat milk.
Me: Yeah, she's lying.
Him: Addie - are you fibbing to Daddy? That's not nice, we don't tell fibs. No treat milk.

I went off to work on my spare tire...and according to him a few minutes later she looked at him with those huge, beautiful eyes and said:

Daddy? I get my game? (pointing to the top of the cabinets) Mommy said yes. Uh huh, mommy said.

Oy Vey.


Christie said...

Just peed pants laughing!!!

~Laura said...

Too funny! You have to love when they learn to make up those liitle white lies! And so it begins...

Kathy said...

UH HUH,Mommy said....the Apple doesn't fall....Gotta love it!!! Laura is right, and so it begins!

Gibby said...

Ohhhhh, they start oh so young!!!