Thursday, January 28, 2010


Addison loves to get mail. Needless to say the holidays were a huge hit with her - she got to open cards and packages and ninety percent of them were actually hers. She tears into mail with enthusiasm and sense of reverence. And no matter what she opens, our dental benefits explanation or a card with a picture of a kitty, she loves it.

Mama, I love it. I love it, I love mail.
As the holiday influx tapered off, she became a bit perplexed and a little blue. There were no more cards. No more pictures of people she didn't know, no more snowmen or Santas, no more colorful envelopes to destroy.
Mail is now just mail - bills, benefit statements, unwanted solicitations, useless catalogs.

She still opens them with gusto, but is always a tad disappointed.

That is until last week when a big enveloped arrived. Addressed to her.
With fancy writing.
A package from Paris.

Addie tore it open. She twirled in the dress, she put the finger puppet right on, she begged me to open the 108 piece mini-puzzle (Uh, FGM Kate, don't you dare send a 108 piece mini-puzzle our way again).

She beamed.

And then she said Mama, this from FairGotMutta Kate. From Eiffle Tower. Bippy bippy boo. I LOVE FairGotMutta Kate, Mama.


Kathy said...

What's not to love about Kate???

Christie said...

I like her except when she gets me drunk on the eve of Jessica's wedding :)

TKW said...

I'm with you on the zero-tolerance policy for puzzles.

She is so cute.