Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Two Ca Choo

This is one of those posts that she'll hate me for. But right now, I don't care. I'm excited...and proud...and kind of happy to have an excuse to talk about poop.

This morning around 7:20 she knocked on my door, holding on to her stuffed friends, smiling. I shooed her to her bathroom for a morning pee. Pee done, hands washed, bare bottom under her pjs.

We headed down stairs for milk and play and coloring. I was working on an email begging my girlfriends in Chicago, New York and North Carolina to join me for a weekend of girl debauchery. As I hit send I realized it was awfully quiet on the first floor. I called Addie's name - no response.

I called it again and she answered. I asked "What are you doing?" and she replied "I on my potty mommy". And by god, she was. And she was pooping.
She looked up at me and said "Pri-va-ceeee please" - I gave it to her.
And she, at long last, achieved the highly coveted Poo on the Pot.

She is being rewarded with getting to borrow Beauty and the Beast from our neighbor (trust me, the first sentence out of her mouth was Mama, call Mrs. _________ I see Bleauty and da Beast).

I know our potty training journey is not over. I know that there will be accidents and frustration and backward steps along the way, but we are definitely going the right direction.
I am happy, yes. But she? She is elated.


Christie said...

Big Steps Miss A!!

Kate C. said...

WOW - way to go Addie E!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Okay, can she please come talk to my daughter??!! My daughter REFUSES to use the potty.

Kathy said...

BIG GIRL, ADDIE~~~really big girl. I'm so proud of you!!!!