Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coloring for the Cat

I've talked before about their love/hate relationship.

They drive each other crazy, but wouldn't know what to do with out each other.
They antagonize each other, and comfort each other, and play together when they're bored.

More than occasionally they both drive me bat-shit crazy.

They want my attention. They want to be fed.
They want my lap and to be snuggled. Neither of them are ever quiet.

It's all Mama Mama Mama and Meeeoooowww, Meeeoooowwww, Meeeooooow all the time.

Unfortunately for the furry one, all my patience is used up on the one that endlessly speaks broken English. So the poor furry one is sometimes banished to the basement, or told to zip it, or shooed off my lap or snapped at unnecessarily.

But she draws her pictures.
And she let's her use her for a pillow.
She bosses her around.
And she tells on her when she's snuck out of bed during nap time.

And together they create mischief. And drive me nuts. And make me laugh.


ck said...

That is absolutely adorable. (And it would drive me up a wall in the same, sweet way.) I love that photograph.

~Laura said...

That is adorable! I like the style that you wrote this.

TKW said...

What a cute photo! Our cat is the neediest dude--makes me crazy!

Gibby said...

That is the best picture! Love this post.