Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In the car today

Addie, you did such a great job on the potty yesterday! Let's go to the store so you can pick out some new big girl undies.

Yea! I love Bleauty and da Beast undies. I LOVE them.

Okay, I hope they have them. If not maybe we'll get Elmo undies.

Mama, you da Beast, I a bleauty!!

I'm the Beast?? No fair.

No, Mama! You not a beast! You a queen. Me a princess.

At least the child is speaking the truth.


ck said...

Welcome to my world of getting cast in the crap Wicked Queen roles.

Mich said...

you shouldn't let her believe such lies... :)

TKW said...

I am so glad your potty training is going easier than mine.

Miss M. has decided that the potty is the Devil's Instrument

~Laura said...

At least you were upgraded from beast to queen! I'd take it! Congrats on the potty going so well!