Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a few bullet points

  • Addison went nine days accident free. Count 'em folks - N.I.N.E days. I had promised her a movie if she made it the week. She decisively told me she wanted Aworwa, aka Sleeping Beauty. I knew this would be a snap, as I had just seen it on Target's shelf.

  • I was completely wrong about Sleeping Beauty being a snap. We got to Target yesterday and it was nowhere to be found. Turns out it's back in the vault and now I have bid my way to her happiness on Ebay. No worries, I got her to settle for Snow White even though she told me it was too scary Mama.

  • When we got home from that reward shopping trip (NINE DAYS ACCIDENT FREE people!) she peed her pants and left a puddle on the bathroom floor.

  • In the past three days she has tried to feed the cat bacon, sausage and a mushroom - all of which were thrown at the cat from the kitchen table.

  • Now when I ask her to do something she answers with an emphatic OKAAAAAAAAAY. Or a STOOOOOOP.

  • I find myself clenching my jaw a lot.

  • Whenever we enter Meijer she insists that she has to go potty. The Meijer restroom she likes best? The unisex one that smells like fart and is covered in urine. Today I told her to practice holding it - I just couldn't stomach it. And she successfully held it. Woo Hoo.

  • While checking out at Borders today she started playing with a chocolate bunny display. I steered her away from it and then turned around to pay. When I turned back around a chocolate bunny was being unwrapped. Did I mention that it's a Lindt Chocolate Bunny? Did I mention that it cost me five-freaking-dollars? Can you guess how happy I was?

  • I have recommitted to my diet - two weeks of 20 carbs or less. No alcohol on week days. Not even a drop of wine.

  • Handsome husband is working from Columbus until Friday.

  • I picked the wrong week to recommit to the dang diet.


Sue said...

Where to even begin, so many of these bullet points made me laugh! :D

Christie said...

Thank you for my "it's 3pm, snow is predicted, I am hungry again and do not want to do anymore work" break. You crack me up!

~Laura said...

You are so close on the potty thing! My 3 year old had the exact same reaction to Snow White. Too scary! So, we're sticking with Cinderella for now. You are going to be so happy that you wrote down that chocolate bunny story. Hilarious! And it's those funny little things we forget over time.

TKW said...

I am sooooo jealous of NINE accident-free days. So incredibly jealous.

Miss M. watches Snow White alone, in our dark basement, without batting an eye. She's a freak!

Mich said...

Not a drop of wine during the week? Say it ain't so! Nice work lady.

ck said...

No wine while potty training? You, my friend, are a brave soul!