Thursday, March 4, 2010


She peed her pants Monday, in the bathroom, right after getting her big reward for being accident free.

She peed her pants Tuesday, standing in the living room, watching her reward for being accident free. She informed me by saying "Mama, I peepeed my undies. My pants. My socks. Your carpet."

Yesterday she sat on the potty at Kohl's and didn't pee. Ten minutes later, at Meijer, she peed her pants and puddled the paint aisle. She had to ride home with wet jeans and fell asleep while softly telling me "Mommy, I peepee in Miiiiyer. I peepee in Miiiiyer Mommy."

Last night she got up five times to peepee and poo between 8:00 and 10:30. And she did each time.

This morning she told me she peepeed her bed while playing before school...and she had.

What, universe, are you trying to do to me??


TKW said...

Dude. I feel your pain. Margaritas, girlfriend, are the answer.

Kathy said...

Wrong week to swear off wine!!!!

Mich said...

That is a lot of bathroom visits between 8 and 10:30 - impressive Addie!

ck said...

I'll be joining you on this journey on Monday. DAMN. So not looking forward to this...