Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Per your request

I should have known that not posting pictures would incur the wrath of you, my friends. So as requested, er demanded, here are some pictures of our "new" bathroom and "new" kitchen.

My mom reminded me to take before pictures - which I promptly forgot to do. Just one more instance of me not listening to my mom, let's not even get started on how long she's been telling me to floss every day.

The bathroom was a horrid eggplant, with a cheesy wallpaper border, brown towels and a beige shower curtain.
It is now tide pool blue, with a burst of butterflies. The flower rugs are from the Dollar Spot at Target (the best aisle ever invented, if you ask me) and everything butterfly was picked out by Addie while at Meijer, right before she peed her pants.
I plan, at some point, to spray paint the fixtures chrome (although I have no idea how to tackle the not pictured Hollywood light fixture) as well as paint the trim and vanity a glossy, crisp white. But for now this improvement is enough.

I did remember, half way through attacking the kitchen cabinets, to take a before picture. You can at least get an idea of what our kitchen looked like - yes, blah is a perfect word to describe it. So is ugly.

Okay, okay, messy might be an appropriate word too. Or filthy, which ever jives with you best. To be honest, I don't normally have a folding chair laying the middle of the floor, nor do we usually keep tiny shoes on the table. The balloon is from Ry's birthday and is still floating attached to Addie's art wall.

Full disclosure - at some point in everyday my counters are that junky, but it was not my idea to store all of our remote control toys on the top of the cabinets.

You'll notice that the top cabinet doors are already off - they were in the garage being scrubbed and sanded. I say scrubbed, because apparently we are disgusting humans, and I was shocked by the grease and filth build up that I discovered*. After a many hours over several days THAT turned into THIS:

Notice the lack of a folding chair, Tupperware bin, paint tray on the floor. Also note that the darn balloon is still attached to our art wall.
That is also what the top of my table actually looks like and the counters do actually have tons of space and don't just hold my junk.
Yes, the remote control toys are still there, but I have no control over that husband of mine and his idea of "putting something away".
There is a streak of multiple yellows by the sink window - we've finally chosen one after many fails. The bottom color (if you can see it) is Bees Wax, and the perfect, buttery, welcoming yellow**. When will we get that smeared on the walls? Eventually.
For now, I am pretty dang happy with the initial results...what's next on our DIY projects - that is still to be determined, however, I have already spotted a TON of weeds popping up in my gardens.
*I have discovered that once you discover how filthy you are in one area, you see how filthy you are in other areas. After scrubbing the cabinets and making them look so good I started to see our other dirt. Therefore, yesterday was spent cleaning the oven and scrubbing the inside of our fridge. I swear, my mom taught be better. I would have NOT passed her white glove test.
**That lovely color of yellow? It's the same yellow that my fabulous mother in law has painted in her living room. Even more fabulous? She had an unused gallon of paint that she gave us. Woot woot.


Mich said...

hot damn, those cabinets look good! How impressive - I would not even know where to start with a project that big!

ck said...

I love the transformation of your kitchen. WOW. The colors look wonderful.

And your comment on when Addie picked the butterflies cracked me up.

Sue said...

Wow, I am in awe of your decorating skills. LOVE those black cabinets, so modern and sharp. If I ever get a house, you may have to be my consultant.

~Laura said...

Wow! I am really impressed with the kitchen cabinets! They look awesome. I love black cabinets. Wish I had some in my house. Keep posting new pics when you finish with the paint! I'd love to see it.

Kathy said...

Wow!!! What a difference. It looks like a whole new kitchen. Ya done good,baby girl, ya done good.

Addie also did a great job accessorizing her baffrum. Like Mother, like daughter!

TKW said...

I love the butterflies!

Your house is looking great!

Gibby said...

Those rooms look great! All of your hard work paid off, awesome job!

And the Dollar Spot aisle? Love it. But I have to say, I've never seen rugs in mine. That's just too darn bad for me!

JayJohnson said...

Great cabinets, Jess! And tell Addie not to worry about the Meijer accident. If I had a nickel for every time I've peed myself while picking out bathroom supplies...