Monday, March 8, 2010

What is that?

It started on Sunday.

I woke up without a headache - even with a fair amount of Jim Beam consumed the night before.
Andy made a delicious breakfast.
I was showered before 9:30.
The outdoor Christmas lights came down.
The porch was swept and the door wreathes swapped.
My trash can, er car, was cleaned out.
We were at Home Depot browsing for new kitchen colors before one p.m.
There were no accidents.
Mimosas were served at a wedding shower and dinner was burgers off the Weber.

It continued today.

There was minimal negotiation.
There was laughter and running.
We had lunch in public, without any drama.
We played at the park for over an hour.
No naps were taken.
My hand was held and I got tons of hugs.
The windshields to the car were washed off, the windows rolled down.
There were no accidents.
Dinner was served and eaten and enjoyed - bedtime was a breeze.

What is it that is happening in our house, you ask...

It, my friends, is called the presence of sunshine.
Of blue skies.
The promise of truly is making all the difference in our days.


Kathy said...

Oh, the POWER of a beautiful day!!!

Nikki said...

Notice it started Sunday...When Aunt Nikki came back in town. Coincidence? I think not.

WhisperingWriter said...

Oooo...I can't wait for Spring.

TKW said...

Hooray for no accidents! That's great! I wish I could say the same. Sigh.

Sue said...

I wish Spring would come to Chicago. And I frickin love her pigtails!!

~Laura said...

Yay! Everything is better with some sunshine isn't it?

Gibby said...

Isn't it crazy how different things are with just a little sunshine? Glad you are enjoying it!

ck said...

Accident-free sunshine. Oh how I love spring!