Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I am finally awake enough, and functioning enough, to review the grand wedding weekend. I've got some great pictures, but first, my comedy of errors is well worth sharing:

Friday started off lovely and ended lovely, but in between it was a bit rocky. Addie and I were heading to exercise, which we planned to duck out of early so that she could go to the neighbor's and I could go get my nails done with all the ladies.
  • Comedic Error No. 1: On our way to exercise sweet child of mine hurled. Everywhere. All over herself. All over the car seat - chunks of putrid, curdled milk. I pulled over the the side of road, scooped out all she deposited, stripped her down and gave my poor sobbing child a wet nap bath. Once we got home she got a bath, the car seat got a hose down, I got a shower. The nails and neighbors were cancelled and we spent the day watching cartoons and cuddling.
The rehearsal went just fine. Everyone seemed relaxed. Addie was feeling good. Dinner was delish. Oh wait, did I mention that as Rick and Kim were pulling into the church parking lot Rylan also hurled, filling up his car seat. Yep.
  • Comedic Error No. 2: After ushering the gentlemen out of the house to go golfing Saturday morning I quickly tidied the house and set out the food for the lunches. I threw Addie in the shower with me, packed our over night bag and ironed our clothes for the wedding. My beautiful, borrowed green dress - wrinkle free. My royal purple wrap - wrinkle free. Addie's dress - wrinkle free. Oooops - I noticed her sash needed pressing, so I did. And when I say I did, what I mean is I put the iron on the ever delicate fabric and burnt holes right through it. After a few moments of panic I simply cut the sash off. Of course as soon as I did that my darling daughter looked at me and said "Mama, you hurt my pretty dress". Yep.
Addie and I got to Brian and Kelly's house without a problem. We received the flowers, went over the inventory and made sure we had everything we needed. We stayed a few minutes longer to see the bridal party and then we took off - both to give them space and to get Addie napped.
Kiddo fell asleep on the way to the hotel and slept for almost two hours. When she woke up I put on my make up, fluffed her curls and grabbed our shoes to go get changed at Kelly's and grab the flowers for the church.
  • Comedic Error No. 3: When I went to grab our shoes I discovered that I had packed one strappy high heeled sling back and one high heeled sandal. F*ck. Yes, I am pretty sure that was the word I uttered. I quickly called the husband to see if he could bring me a shoe to the church, he didn't answer, thankfully, as I probably would have ended up with three different shoes. Addie and I sped off to Target where I bought the first pair of black nice looking shoes I could find. They're fine. They scream I am a MOM and they cost me over $30. Ridiculous? Yep.

Addie and I made it to Kelly's house with time to spare. I got dressed. I got her in her tights and shoes (dress to go on in church parking lot). The bride looked stunning. The bridesmaids were beautiful. The mother of the bride was glowing.

  • Not-s0-comedic Error No. 4: I get the flowers loaded into the car. I got Addie loaded into the car. I grab the programs from downstairs and I am good to go. But not so much. Somewhere in they last minutes I put the programs down, the programs that a bridesmaid designed, and I leave. We got to the church - flowers got handed out and pinned on. Flower girl and ring bearers looked adorable and were poised to go. I took a breath - and then someone asked: Jessica, where are the programs?. I can almost guarantee you that the word I uttered was the same one I said at the hotel. Panic set in? Yep.

One of the wonderful ushers grabbed directions and the garage door opener and raced off to the get the programs. He probably missed a fair chunk of the ceremony, but guests walked out of the ceremony with the programs in hand.

I think that is when I exhaled.

All the other stuff?

The bride? Gorgeous.

The groom? Beaming.

The ceremony? Tasteful and lovely.

The reception? Open bar, cake, chocolate fountain and dancing.

All that stuff, the truly important stuff, was absolutely perfect.

Now on to the pictures...


Kathy said...

and everyone survived, and everyone was beautiful, and they all lived happily ever after. AMEN!

TKW said...

Oh sweetie, this sounds eerily familiar. But that little princess in her dress? Oh, my.

Sue said...

The things that go wrong on a wedding day are the things that make the good stories. Everyone looks fabulous, and I LOVE your family photo of the 3 of you (gorgeous dress!).

Mich said...

oh em geeeeeee!

At least everyone looks fab and looked to have a great day!