Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another glimpse into the future

Last night while sucking up the last few minutes of sunshine Addie and I played out on the driveway. I traced her in chalk, we gathered dandelions and talked about our day. Five minutes before we headed in she pulled out her little pink car and informed me that she was going to Skyline to get me a hot dog, chili and lemonade.
For the record my order would have not included lemonade - I'm an iced tea kind of gal.

She got in her car and 'left'. About six feet from me she turned around, held out her hand and said:
I need money please. I get gas.

When I laughed at her she said, with her hand on her hip:

Mama! I forgot my wallet! I need money puhlease!*{Hufff}

I better start saying no to this adorable face or I am going to have one empty wallet.

*This interaction is even slightly more amusing because when my mom was in town we went shopping and out to lunch. It wasn't until we went to check out that I realized I didn't have my credit card on me - Whooops! I think I looked at my mommy and said "Mom I forgot my credit card! Can you cover me? Puhlease? Huuuuuffffff."


~Laura said...

I think that fits under the category of what goes around comes around. I'm sure your mom will get a chuckle out of this!

Kathy said...

Chuckle....NO! Belly laugh...yep!!!!

ck said...

But how do you say "no" to that face? She looks like a little piece of sunshine.

BusyB said...

what a cutie! No's are too hard sometimes!