Monday, May 10, 2010


Did I tell you that when I got home from my fantabulous Girls Get Away, I received an early Mother's Day present?
Well I did.
I walked in through the mudroom to a freshly painted kitchen, replete with a colorful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. I am pretty sure I dropped my bags on the floor and squealed with delight.

The color of the kitchen is Bees Wax from Porter Paints. It is, in my opinion, a warm mustard yellow - I feel like I am drinking my coffee each morning in a sunbeam. I feel the need to keep my kitchen much more tidy than before and am scheming about what to add to the walls.

Here is a pictorial progression of our kitchen (note, in the early pictures the place was MESS. And I can own that mess...but I am definitely hoping to keep it more how the kitchen appears in the final picture).
Pretty loft goal, eh?


Mich said...


~Laura said...

It looks fantastic! What a great surprise.

Kathy said...

Looks great!!!

TKW said...

Oh my God! What an awesome surprise! I would be absolutely THRILLED to walk into something like that!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to the mother of the cutest kid on the planet!

Sue said...

WOW! Awesome surprise. Great job, Addison! ;)