Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Difference

Even though today started a 4:42 a.m., it was a markedly better day than yesterday.

There were minimal tears.
There was a minute amount of backtalk.
I didn't get yelled at or bossed.
My hand was held with little coaxing.
My lap was sat in and I was given more than a few kisses.

We managed to it make through story time and a store with no drama. Three-fourths of her lunch was eaten without any complaints.

I am not sure as to why today is so different than yesterday. We kept busy both days. She saw Aunt Nikki both days. She picked out her own outfit both days.

Maybe it's because today we made Funfetti cookies. Funfettis make any day a little brighter.


Mich said...

Funfettis in heels nonetheless....impressive!

Kathy said...

I like funfetti cookies!!!! They're even better if the baker is dressed fancy!

LMK said...

High heels on a step stool... She is already more of a lady than me!