Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

What am I thankful this Thursday?
  • A weekend that was full of laughter, old friends, good food, fire pits and Sparkletinis.

  • A broken fever and medication for a grouchy toddler.

  • Being inspired to again reengage my cheapest therapy: Running.

  • A midweek hair cut, color and mini-facial.

  • Being invited to dance 'at the ball' nine times a day from the most lovely princess.

  • Getting the front lawn mowed before the neighbors staged a protest.

  • A pedicure with pals on our second to last day of enjoying our toddlers being in 'school'.

  • Waking up to realize the epic fight I had with my husband was in my dreams, not real.

  • Drinking my coffee and catching the first episode of West Wing being rerun on Bravo.

  • Being one day closer to a relatively quiet weekend.

  • My lillies adding a brilliant splash of color to the patio.


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What is a sparkletini? It sounds wonderful!