Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Girls Get Away

Last Friday I loaded up my car with board games, peach sparkletini, wine and cheese products and headed toward my Girls Get Away in New Buffalo, Michigan.

The harbor on Lake Michigan - - - - My ass kicking Bloody Mary - - - - Melissa enjoying Ali's martini
There were eight of us - four moms and four non-moms (although one will be in early fall), also spilt up as: four women who wake up at the crack of dawn and four women who still possess the ability to sleep in.

In the two and half days that we were there we had only one real meal - everything else that was consumed was essentially a snack or revolved around a cheese based dip.

Ali's martini ~ Hot and Dirty - - - - Michelle's version of an energy drink - - - - - - - Laura's usual ~ a Bacardi & Coke

We shopped at the outlets, sat in the sunshine on the deck chatting, wandered into town to have a scrumptious lunch. We drank our fair share, but were still in bed well before midnight. There was a lot of laughter, a few inappropriate photos (some that got erased, some that will never be published on the Internet. You're welcome, Ali).

Keelin & Karen in full decorating mode - - -- Mich with her hat & camera - -- - Sue & Keelin getting ready to bet on the Derby

We decorated our own over-the-top Derby Hats, played a cutthroat game of charades, and laughed and drank some more.

Andy informed me that a boys weekend would never involve a craft or going to bed before midnight. I informed him this was Girls Weekend. There were no rules, except each girl was allowed to do what they wanted when they wanted to.

But mostly I believe what we wanted to do was to be together. To have a few drinks. To not count calories and to laugh. Repeatedly.
That mission was accomplished...and I kind of wish Girls Weekend was not a yearly thing, but a monthly thing. Or a weekly occasion.

But then again, how many Derby Hats does a girl need?


Mich said...

It was such a great weekend that I struggled to put it all in words...you did a fantastic job however. Well said.


Sue said...

Such wonderful photos and descriptions. I am already ready for another Girls' Weekend!

Gibby said...

It sounds like you guys had a fantastic time. That is so awesome, you are so lucky to have such great friends.

Christie said...

so jealous! i love the hats!!!