Monday, May 3, 2010

A week with Gramma

In pictures....
Eagerly awaiting Gramma's arrival at the airport and occasionally yelling
Gramma! Where are you??

Exploring Findlay Market on Sunday morning. Tasting every free sample,
smelling every flower and having a lovely start to the day.

Addie and Gramma work on planting Addie's very own strawberry plant.
We now get to check the progress of the strawberries and the sunflowers
they planted about 47 times a day.

No visit is complete without a trip to the zoo. We fed the giraffes, rode the train, said hi to the gorillas and visited the Keas, which tried to eat Gramma's scarf, earrings and shoes. Sadly, we did not see the silly old orangutans.

We were very fancy 'ladies who lunched' at Mrs. Teapots. Not only did we have a scrumptious lunch and some tasty teas, but we were able to get all decked out in boas and hats. Addie even got her own itty bitty china teacup to sip out of. Faaaaancy.

We took a trip to the butterfly exhibit at Krohn's Conservatory. The butterflies floated and flitted and were very beautiful. The greenhouse got a bit hot and on the way out we saw a huge butterfly sitting on the floor. Hot, little cranky pants looked up at me and said
Mama. I wanna step on it.

With the arrival of beautiful weather at the week's end, we decided to grill out and top off our
dinner with toasted marshmallows. Addie went to bed sticky and happy.

We also took a trip to the museum, munched at Zips, shopped and played. Gramma
bought a new glider for our front porch, helped me dig up over a half dozen bushes,
transplanted hostas and played in the backyard.
Gramma and Addie had tea parties and played princess. Every night they snuggled and read stories. There were picnics on the patio and cuddles on the couch. The weeks was busy, but not packed. We did a lot of laughing and gallivanting ~ and now the house seems just a little bit too quiet and empty.


Sue said...

Beautiful photos. Sounds like a wonderful week. Next time I am in Cinci, I want to go to Mrs. Teapots!!

ck said...

I love the photographs, especially the one with Addie and Gramma and the strawberry plant. Grammas have such patience and you can see it in this shot.

Christie said...

I'm with Sue...I want to be a "Lady who Lunches" at Mrs. Teapots complete with my own feather boa and hat!!

Kathy said...

Gramma had a great time! Sure is quiet here and this working thing gets in the way of things I REALLY want to do!!!!

TKW said...

I'm hard-pressed to pick my favorite photo. I think it has to be the feather-boa tea party one.

But the bird one made me laugh out loud. It looks like it's trying to eat Gramma's hair!

Gibby said...

Wow, what a week! Those are some fantastic photos, what a great way to remember the week. Let us know how those strawberries do...